Monday, June 15, 2009

Superman's Manager Part 2

Recap: Superman has a manager, but this is news to Clark Kent! An interview is arranged between Clark and Superman, which Lois worms her way into attending. Clark and Lois stop by a nightclub, where a song is sung about Superman...

Which Lois is enthralled by, because she loves anything to do with that Superman guy. Meanwhile Superman's manager and a guy in a Superman suit treat us to some fantastic expository dialogue revealing that the guy in the suit is, in fact, an actor with a repertoire of staged tricks designed to give him the illusion of super powers. It's pretty clear at this point that Siegel assumes his audience is comprised entirely of idiots. Sure we've read previous issues wherein Superman's identity was apparent, and sure this one opened by flatly stating that Clark Kent is Superman, but if we aren't bluntly told that this faker isn't the real deal we might just fall for his tricks!

It's also important to note that the part of Fake Superman will be played by Ronald Reagan. The things people do before they're famous.

The skinnier the actor, the more convincing the hoax!

Back at the club Lois slips a roofie into Clark's glass(!!) before sneaking off to conduct the interview herself. Of course the drug didn't truly effect a man with an immune system like Superman's, so he's quickly on her trail. In case you're wondering, instead of loathing her to the core of his being for drugging him and stealing his story Clark laughs it off with a "Double-crossing a pal, eh? Just like a newspaperwoman!" Even when no one's around, he just can't drop the pathetic loser act. Perhaps it's natural?

Lois shows up for the interview and, after the initial shock of a (gasp!) girl being assigned to the story has worn off, is introduced to Superman who lifts a desk above his head and bends a steel rod. Lois is unconvinced, as she has met the real Superman in person. She quickly exposes their hoax (cardboard desk, aluminum rod), and as she begins to storm out of the room is stopped by the wicked manager.

Alas, she knows too much and must be killed! Fake Superman protests for the length of a panel, but is swayed to the side of murder by the time we reach the next one where he is already in the process of throwing her out the window. Typical Reagan, am I right??? Hi-yooo!

Real Superman shows up just in time to catch Lois, and having done so wastes no time in leaping through the window from which she was thrown. The evil men have already begun their escape via elevator, but -- though it may be hard to believe -- Superman is really really strong so he just pulls it back up the shaft. He then carries Lois and the two men to a police station, where Lois presses charges for attempted murder. The end!

Yeah, who cares that her spine's broken? You caught her!

Next time: Smugglers!