Sunday, May 17, 2009

Finally, Superman's Powers Explained Through Science!

Not a full recap today, just going to drop the greatest page of all time on ya'll.

Oh okay, that makes sense. Superman is from a planet where increased strength is necessary to simply exist, and thus his great power becomes greater still on a planet where he doesn't need to fight against gravity all the time. Sure!

And yeah, grasshoppers and ants are really strong considering their size. No denying that, but I don't really see what it has to do with Superman.

It's the conclusion reached here that I can't quite swallow. Superman is from a planet with greater gravity than Earth and is resultantly stronger than a normal human, also ants can lift things bigger than themselves, therefore humans will have super strength someday.

Huh? Is this page really implying that Superman and an ant (or grasshopper, whichever's sexier) are going to mate and the resultant offspring will make humanity as obsolete as the neanderthals?

A horrifying vision of a future not yet come to pass, or simple info-dump of tenuously related insect facts because they had to fill an entire page and couldn't figure out how? Hard to say.

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  1. That's sort of an odd ending actually. The notion that humans will be as strong as Superman even though the reason Superman is so strong is that his planet is much larger than Earth. Sounds more like they're predicting Earth's growth.

  2. You make a good point. And a quick google search brings up quite a few sites about an apparently controversial "Expanding Earth Theory".

    Well...I guess Siegel and Shuster have outsmarted me again.